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I.S.T. pigs for food

Dec 14, 2023
I.S.T. pigs for food

In the food industry, pigging technology is often used to very efficiently remove residual product from transfer lines when changing between product batches. The pig is pushed through the pipelines …

День открытых дверей 2023 у нашего клиента Total в Бельгии

Dec 06, 2023
День открытых дверей 2023 у нашего клиента Total в Бельгии

В сентябре наш клиент Total в Эртфельде (Бельгия) отпраздновал свое 100-летие и открыл свои двери для клиентов и поставщиков, а также всех заинтересованных сторон, а также предоставил нам возможность …

Piggable drum decanting unit (DDU)

Sep 25, 2023
Piggable drum decanting unit (DDU)

We are currently manufacturing a drum emptying unit for a well-known lubricating oil manufacturer in Belgium. Have you ever thought about how to empty your valuable additives from drums or IBCs …

Зачищаемый клапан с нагревательной рубашкой

Aug 23, 2023

В этой статье мы хотели бы познакомить Вас с нашим инновационным зачищаемым Т-образным клапаном, который предназначен для различных применений, в том числе в пищевой промышленности. Этот зачищаемый …

Pigging Valves for Canada: Why TSSA Certification is Essential

Jul 07, 2023

Although the installation of pigging valves is becoming increasingly common in Canada, it is important to know that it is essential to purchase a valve with a TSSA certification. Why? Without this …

Pigging technology: The solution for clean and safe production

Jul 05, 2023

Pigging is an effective way to clean and secure production equipment. In this blog post, you will learn how pigging systems work, the benefits they offer, and what to look for during planning, …

Molchtechnik Reportage

Feb 09, 2023
Molchtechnik Reportage

Supplier Rating - KLK Kolb Oleo

Feb 01, 2023

Our long-standing customer KLK Oleo / Kolb regularly carries out supplier evaluations. The criteria quality, purchasing processing and general conditions and circumstances are evaluated. We, I.S.T. …

Vorteile der Molchtechnik im Chemieanlagenbau

Jan 30, 2023

Commissioning - test pigging

Jan 27, 2023

As part of our comprehensive services, we optionally offer commissioning for all pigging systems we are selling. The scope of services to be provided is determined by agreement with the customer, …