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Our video archive gives you an exclusive look over a variety of techniques and processes of recovery systems and equipment examples of I.S.T. Molchtechnik.

T10 - The T-piece

The T-piece is piggable in the straight passage. During the pigging process the special T-branch is completely sealed by the lips of the pig. The station can also be equipped with a pig stop that serves as a buffer for one and two pig systems.

T09 - The Tee-ring

The Tee-ring valves takes on 3 Jobs at once: it acts as a branch in pigging system pipelines, incorporates a product isolation valve, and also catches and launches pigs. It can be used either as an independent fitting or integrated in a distribution assembly. The horizontal plane can be pigged without pockets when the valve is closed.

T40 - The T-Port Valve

The T-Port Valve is particularly suitable for single direction pigging systems. For such applications the T-port valve provides safe and clean pigging results comparable with two pig systems, but with reduced control system expenditure: with only two positions it is possible to open the T-branch and transfer the product with minimal pressure drop and also stop the pig. In this position the pipe behind the T-port valve is isolated. In the second position the pig passage is opened and the T-banch is isolated.

T91 - The Loading Arm

With the loading arm T 91 pigging through the arm into the filling valve is possible. It has large positioning possibilities that can be adapted individually. Special constructions for top level and bottom level filling are possible, as well as a suction device for the filling process. The loading arms are available with mechanical or pneumatic level compensation.

What is Pigging?

The pipeline contents is recovered by a special contoured plug, the "pig", which is driven by a propellant. This method of batch separation is used in many industries on a wide variety of products. All I.S.T. pigs and stations are manufactured to the highest possible standards in order to ensure that optimum pigging results are always achieved.

Simultaneous Metering Blending

The SMB is an extremely efficient lube oil blending system providing very fast dosing of raw materials together with high quality finished product results. Compared with conventional SMB systems, the SMB developed by I.S.T. is quite unique in that it can produce high quality products both in large and small batch sizes. Furthermore, with the I.S.T. SMB it is also possible to dose at least one base component, together with one or more additive component.

T06 - Rotary Manifold

The I.S.T. rotary manifold T 06 connects one or two supplies with up to 18 outlets. Thus, tankgroups, mixers etc, can be interconnected to 1 or 2 filling devices. The fully piggable version of the T 06 allows for a pigging process from the tank up to the filling device.