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DDU - Drum Decanting Unit

The DDU is used in lube oil blending plants for decanting and precise dosing of high quality additive components from drums or containers.
It is supplied as a pre-assembled skid unit, consisting of a decanting lance, roller conveyor, loading platform, rinsing tank, blender, pumps and interconnecting process pipework.

Following are the major advantages of the DDU:

- Optimum use of high-quality additives
In an empty drum there are additive residues which cannot be decanted with the decanting lance. The DDU rinses the drum with heated base oil which is part of the original recipe. The drum is slightly tilted with the roller conveyor and the oil mixed with additive residue will be completely discharged by the decanting lance.

- No product loss thanks to pigging technology
The DDU is connected with an I.S.T. pigging system. The additives are directly pumped into the pigging line. Thus, when all decanting operations are complete, the additives and base oil are pigged from the rinsing tank in to the blending tank.

- No cross-contamination of drummed additives
After decanting of each additive component the DDU lance can be moved in to the rinsing tank and fully cleaned by rinsing oil (part of the final blend recipe) prior to the decanting of subsequent drums.

- Local control unit

The DDU is equipped with a local control system to allow fully automatic decanting and dosing of all drummed components.

Available sizes: DN 50 - DN 80