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Equipment for lube oil and blending

Equipment for lube oil and blending

For processing and transport of lubricants pigging is the ideal solution.  

The benefits of pigging technology in this industry are obvious:

Product transport in the plant is effected through pipelines; here the friction between pig and pipeline is reduced by the product itself.  This results to smoothly flowing processes within product transfer. 

In the last decades we have developed a wide variety of valves and manifolds which are perfectly suitable for handling of lubricants.   In the category "Industries" "Lubricants and Additives" you will find an overview of possible applications. 

With our special blending equipment the products to be sold can be produced most efficiently.  Here the final product is produced with the inline blender principle within product transfer, the exact dosing as pre-product is effected with the SMB (Simultaneous Metering Blender).  Both blender types are presented on the following pages. Our qualified sales and project engineers will be glad to find the exact layout of our blenders for your application.