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Pigging technology has become an integral part in many different application fields. Here, in most industrial applications liquid media are pumped and the pipelines are used as a means of transport. Using pigging technology in the next process step the product is transferred out of the pipeline quickly, almost completely and cost effectively. Here the demands of each industry are different, but the pigging solutions are similar. In the following you will find more information about the different industries and the specific pigging systems as a completion of the industrial process.

  • Colours and Paints

    Today's demands to quality and colour fidelity of colours and paints are high. Moreover, there are requirements to explosion prevention and quick process flow. With pigging systems especially designed to meet these requirements highest product separation and a safe process flow is implemented. Here we offer special pigging equipment which facilitates cleaning of pipeline, stations and pigs in a closed system.

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  • Lubricants and additive production 

    Industrial pigging technology has its seeds in the lubricant industry. Here the advantages of pigging were discovered early and therefore it has still been implemented in many industrial plants. The conditions of this lubricating product are ideal for the pigging process. In this industry the possibilities vary from simple manual systems up to complex constructions which interconnect many plant areas like a network with help of piggable pipelines. We have been successful in this field for more than 40 years.

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  • Chemical industry

    Product handling in the chemical industry requires a superior technology. Cross-contamination as well as product hardening have to be avoided. With pigging technology these high quality standards can be implemented. Pigs with good chemical resistance and optimised scraping performance are as necessary as stations with almost no pockets as pig receiving and launching stations. I.S.T. has developed pigging systems for many different demands of the chemical industry. These systems guarantee process reliability in many industrial plants.

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  • Adhesives and glues production

    A major demand when handling sticky products is the exclusion of air in order to avoid product hardenings. However, in some pipeline areas or valves the media can harden quickly. Pigging sequences that are controlled promptly combined with rinsing processes are good measures for complete product utilisation and to keep the pipelines available at any time. Even for most difficult media I.S.T. designed pigging systems which help to avoid cost intensive maintenance and works. 

    Foodstuffs, drinks and tobacco 

    In hygienic applications major purity of product and equipment often come along with cost intensive cleaning equipment and time-consuming procedures.

    Here pigging technology helps to reduce the cleaning times considerably and to shorten the procedures. With pig launching and receiving stations designed for hygienic application the complete piggable pipeline can be cleaned inline by the pig. For this application I.S.T. offers special pigs made of FDA-approved materials.

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  • Foodstuffs, drinks and tobacco

    Products which can age or spoil require a production plant that can easily be cleaned. Components and equipment are designed considering hygienic requirements for a cleaning procedure without any residuals.

    A pigging system especially designed for these requirements can drastically reduce the cleaning process periods. The pigging sequence is often done within a few minutes, so that complete product utilisation in the pipeline is facilitated. This leads to cost savings through product loss reduction and a quick re-availability of the equipment after short pigging / CIP sequences.

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  • Printing ink production and paints logistics

    When handling different colours it is a major requirement that the transfer line can be well cleaned. With pigging technology the cleaning cycles and use of rinsing media are reduced. Especially for the demands in printing ink production we offer resistant pigs and pigging stations which can be rinsed.

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  • Powder and granulate

    There are many different methods to transfer powders. When applying the common pneumatic product transfer there are often residuals in the pipeline connections or pipe bends. With regular pigging sequences these residuals can be removed and utilised. I.S.T. designed special pigs and pigging equipment for these application which allow and easy pig loading and unloading. The pigs are also available in FDA-approved materials.

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  • Chocolate industry

    Nowadays it is almost impossible to think about a chocolate industry without pigging technology. Not only chocolate masses and fillings can be transported through pipelines but also problematic products such as cocoa, nuts or crunchies.
    Many confectionery specialists are convinced that piggable pipelines for chocolate have to be heated. However, one of Germany's leading chocolate producers proves that by using pigging technology double walled pipelines are not necessary any more.

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